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May 4, 2017

This Week in the Hustle (5/4)


Tony Chennault
’s web series
Old Head started its second season premiere April 29th. The series gives an authentic depiction of inner-city lifestyles, narrowly focusing on some of the socio-economic issues that inner-city youth deal with, such as drugs, violence and lack of resources.

Chantelle Bateman is looking for a woman of color developer! She writes in this short piece on the "white-maleness" of the tech scene as it is currently, and is looking to change that paradigm in her pursuit of a developer.


Imowo 'Veli' Udo-Uton represents his artist Mir Fontane, who is currently in the running to be in the 2017 XXL Freshman Class. XXL releases its annual Top 10 Freshman list, featuring ten artists-to-watch, all appearing on the cover of the magazine. The list has a history of showcasing unknown/underground rappers, as well as artists considered to be on the rise, and is credited for giving many artists their first taste of fame.


Steve Tyson has released new music, and his documentary on Hip-Hop culture was added to the website of the Global Campaign for Peace Education. Steve has also been working with the Black Male Development Symposium, currently in its 10th year, as the co-chair in this year's conference.

Rahman Wortman writes for, the online blogsite of radio station WXPN 88.5 which covers all local music in Greater Philly and beyond. Rahman's last article covered the open mic scene in Philly, focusing on Pecola Breedlove and The Freedom Party,  a weekly open mic that has attracted poetry fans in and out of the city.

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