Session 1: Can't Knock The Hustle - IHHE

February 19, 2017

Session 1: Can’t Knock The Hustle

The first weekend of IHHE was incredibly inspiring for both students and staff. The group of young men and women who joined us in Center City on Saturday and Sunday showed so much enthusiasm, passion and motivation to make their dreams a reality. They met luminaries such as Bahamadia and Yusuf Muhammad, who encouraged the students to collaborate with their peers and authentically connect with audiences. Meanwhile Grammy-winning record producer and former co-owner of Ruffhouse Records Joe “the Butcher” Nicolo, music writer Brian Coleman and Wurd Radio CEO/President Sara Lomax-Reese each gave valuable insight into what it means to be a business leader, from coming up with a unique concept to taking risks and collaborating with peers. Watching the students absorb all this information and hearing their passionate questions and personal stories was a sobering reminder that when society expects great things from its citizens, people can and will rise to the challenge. The group of students embarking on this journey left no doubt in our minds that they will accomplish amazing things in their lives.