Session 5: People, Planet, Profit

Nashirah Felder, IHHE student, asks legal question to panel. 
(from left to right) 
Kyree Holmes, Nashirah Felder and Kiyla Armstead

“Business success now is not only being judged by profit, but by social impact,” IHHE facilitator Erica Hawthorne-Manon told the students bright and early, setting the tone for the weekend. The month of March may have been one of biting cold and rigid snow, but the fifth session of IHHE marked a period of focus […]

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Session 4: The Institute’s Halfway Point


“For a while I was in a drought, I wanted more education, and I couldn’t find it. But then like, a hurricane came.” Kenny Earle, IHHE Class of 2017 February’s theme was Getting off the Bench: Industry Analysis; Financing your Business; Understanding & Analyzing Financial Statements; Key Resources.  This week we focused on the nitty […]

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Student Web Series “Oldhead” To Start Second Season


Coming off of the success of Oldhead’s first season, Tony Chennault, IHHE class of 2017, is set to start off the second season with an event-filled weekend. The web series Oldhead display the authenticity of the urban cultures throughout the Philadelphia communities. An Oldhead is an authoritative figure in the Philadelphia community who passes down wisdom to […]

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Session 3: Now We’re Here


Summary The theme for Studio Session 3, “#squadgoals”, was a three-step call to action for our entrepreneur’s personal and business growth. The Steps Step 1 We examined the circle of influencers our entrepreneurs currently have supporting them, their leadership development and business objectives. Step 2 Reviewed our entrepreneur’s  “squad” to reflect the team of individuals […]

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‘Be a heat-seeking missile’


Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways. It throws us curveballs, setbacks and even unexpected tragedies. How we respond to those challenges is one of the best predictors of success, says Mike Maher, Philadelphia entrepreneur and founder of Benjamin’s Desk co-working space in Center City. The 34-year-old CEO and professional risk-taker took time out of his […]

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